Owl Platform

Sensing made simple

Welcome to Owl Platform!

Owl Platform is a combination of low-power sensors that run for years on a coin cell battery and open-source software for collecting, managing, and analyzing data sensor data. Whether you just want to make sure your windows are closed, want peace of mind that the pipes in your vacation home aren't leaking, or you want to integrate your smart bread and your cyber-butter, Owl Platform has something to offer.

For developers and hackers, our data-collection and integration is open source and available now at GitHub.

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What Is Owl Platform?

Quickly see what's going on all around your home.

Our starter kits are easy to use—plug-in, sign-up, and get notified.

Our sensors are small enough to fit almost anywhere, and the battery lasts ten years!

Our simple online service lets you decide when to receive alerts and how.